• Welcome to Duy Le Photography!

    I consider myself an artist and a human being before I consider myself a photographer. As an artist, I am trained to look for beauty everyday. An artist has to determine what’s beautiful in his mind base on what he sees. Sometimes the artist knows beauty in his mind before seeing it! As a human being, I have emotions to feel. Emotions govern our actions and interactions. Emotions also have the ability to connect us together. So, before I press the shutter button on my camera, I always keep in mind that I am an artist and a human being first, someone who sees beauty in the frame I am about to capture and someone who wants to invoke certain emotions from the picture. Beauty and emotion are two powerful foundations to make a picture perfect.

    Being a wedding a photographer, I get a chance to capture the immense beauty of the Day as well as capture all the raw emotions leading up to the Day and during. I designed my Wedding Package not for profit but for relationships. I want to give you all my attention and expertise as your personal photographer that Day. At the same time, I am being an artist and a human in telling your Story in all its beauty and emotions. My Package includes:

    (1) A CHAT BEFORE THE WEDDING: For us to get to know each other better and establish a lasting relationship.

    (2) NO LIMITS ON THE HOURS OF SHOOTING: For me to spend as much time as possible on your Day to capture every minute.

    (3) NO LIMITS ON THE NUMBER OF PHOTOS: For me to tell a complete story with no moments left behind.

    (4) ENGAGEMENT PHOTOSHOOT: For you to get comfortable with me shooting and for me to get a sense of your humor, style, and background.

    (5) SECOND SHOOTER: For another set of eyes to capture details when I am capturing another detail.

    (6) A PHOTOBOOK: For you to look back on the photos as displayed in a book that you can touch and feel.

    In addition, I also do modeling and glamour shoots, family portraits, and maternity shoots.

    Let’s start a conversation. Tell me your story. Click on “contact” button above and send me an email.

Congratulations to my dear friend and photographer partner JT on her marriage! We have been shooting many weddings together and finally I get to shoot her own wedding! I have learned so much from her photography skills, like her ability to see beauty in details and her penchant to make shots more creative, so I can’t wait to make her wedding pictures amazing! I can definitely tell how much her husband loves her and I can’t wait to capture their special day!



Yesterday, I had the honor to shoot Catherine and Jeff’s engagement photos. At first, they were nervous and didn’t know what to do with each other. But since I personally know them, I told them “Relax! It’s just Duy. I am your friend.” As the shoot progressed, they became less tensed and more lovey dovey and funny. I had a blast recording their interactions! This shot was one of the last shoot I took. I couldn’t resist the antique clay bench and the willow tree next to each other. Congratulations to Catherine and Jeffrey on your coming wedding and marriage!






Tim and Megan already had their wedding a few months ago, but they wanted a second wedding for more family members to join. I was very happy to be in the presence of their family during this time.




Thoa and Hien’s Wedding was special to me as it marked my first wedding outside of my family, friends, and church members. I did not know them, but I am glad I did. Thank you for the opportunity and you are both awesome people!